The Flea market of the black market the saturday on the Kaleidoscope

So we've been hiding a little bit, or maybe more like broke and it's been too hot and some people have been getting married and getting but Saturday our friends at Kaleidoscope are having a closing party with a fleamarket and the Phil and Monica and Palma Arambula will play. I can't believe we are gonna fit in there with the new bar they built in the front room and it's gonna be so hot!Hopefully it will be a bit chiller tomorrow after this massive storm. But anyway it's a bummer that kaleidoscope is closing even tho I know Ronny and Natalie won't be able to sit on their asses for very long I'm sure. What the hell is gonna happen?All the fun places are closing. All the people who run venues in Berlin have strange punctuation habits in their writing, maybe they'll be superseeded by people who use no punctuation at all. Who knows? I will mostly miss the hochbett from Kaleidoscope, although I had some fun times in the basement as well, specially that time when Ronny took me into the labyrinth behind it.


July 8, 2015, 7:02 a.m.